Game Design

Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions This course teaches kids how to preserve the environment and protect it from pollution. Children will learn about the sustainable development goals by training them to design a set of games and educational programs. Each lesson covers one of the sustainable development goalsSorry, access to this Content is currently Restricted

Video Sensing

Video Sensing In this course, we will learn how to design different advanced games. These games will be interacting with our PC’s camera in which we can move characters around with our hands movements.  Video Motion A command we use to switch the PC’s camera on and then to control [Read More]Sorry, access to this …

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Drawing With Sprite

Drawing With Sprite In this course children will learn how to draw Geometric shapes by using PEN command of Scratch software. Besides, we will be learning how to convert drawings drawn on paper into digital with variant shapes available such as circle, triangle and other geometric shapes. With this course, [Read More]Sorry, access to this …

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Game Design

Game Design In this course, the child will acquire new skills, which in turn work to strengthen his imagination on thinking and creative and logical design as he learns programming and designing games in an easy and fun way. Targeting children between (5-14) years old.Sorry, access to this Content is currently Restricted

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