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Game Design

Game Design Courses aim to improve problem-solving and creative thinking skills of children. With these courses we will be learning through programming different characters and objects to make up fun interactive games.

These introductory courses attract children towards creating games, videos and stories, while learning the basics of programming. There is no need to have previous experiences to take these courses. 


Learn to create


  • Games 
  • Videos
  • Interactive Stories


Kids will be programming robots using a learning environment known to be the easiest, the fastest, and most effective way to learn to design and program robots. 

In this course we will understand the internal logic of our existing robots to design future robots. Children will also learn how to program robots and learn the basics of mechanics and physics through joyful fun methods

Learn to Program

  • Robots Movements & Control
  • Sensors
  • Integration with devices


Shedding light on the basics of electrical and electronic circuits, through a series of experiments that are interacted with by the students and encouraging them to form and build projects and prototypes through creative thinking activities. Such a way of learning improves their skills them by analyzing errors as well as identifying and working on electronic parts, and how to design the prototype for new innovations.

Learn to Program

  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Sensors
  • Integrated Games

Get Certified!

To make every step of the child’s learning fun and competitive, IOT Kids awards learners with a certificate once they pass the final test of the enrolled course. 

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