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Kids Courses!

Take advantage of your child’s passion for smart devices and create a talented and creative child

Game Design Courses

Game Design

Learn how to develop games, interactive stories and cartoons in an easy fun way 

Drawing with Sprite

Learn how to draw Geometric Shapes with different available commands.

Video Sensing

Build games which interacts with your PC’s camera and move characters around with your hands

Environmental Solutions

Learn how to protect and preserve the environment from pollution and achieve sustainable development goals

Robotic Courses

Codey Rockey

Learn robot coding with Codey Rocky. Codey is a treasure of  fun which is able to play music, follow light, stimulate facial expression and other functions. 

Codey Rockey Connect Devices With Sprite

Learn the mechanism of linking and use between the computer and Robots devices.


Mbot is a learning robot that makes programming an automated robot simple and fun

Electronic Courses


Learn how to connect different electronic parts and sensors together in an easy fun way  


Let’s make our life easier by learning Internet Of Things (IoT) in this course

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